Choosing the Right Wire Wheel for an Auto Body Repair Job

Some auto body repairs are inherently easier to carry out than others. Even the most difficult of jobs, on the other hand, can typically be made simpler when the right tools are available.

Most auto body repair experts, for instance, will want to have access to a wide selection of wheels that are used for stripping unwanted materials like rust or damaged paint. Providers of auto body supplies like the one online at make it easy to acquire whatever might be needed.

Selecting the Right Tool for a Given Job

Making sure of choosing the right type of wire wheel or other tool should always be a priority. In most cases, the nature and location of the repair to be effected will make the most appropriate choice clear. Some of the types of tools that are most commonly needed include:


Disc-style knotted wire wheel. Relatively rigid stainless steel wire can be formed into bundles and knotted, with each such element becoming capable of removing fairly stubborn paint or rust. At the same time, an appropriate choice of wire gauge and construction will also ensure that no unnecessary damage to underlying surfaces will result. Disc-shaped wheels of this general type are some of the most versatile tools of all for auto body repair.

Beaded disc. When even more abrading power is needed, a stouter style of disc can be even more appropriate. While still incorporating stainless steel elements, the functional surfaces of wheels of this design are stiffer and stronger, allowing for even tougher work to be done.

Cup-style discs. In some cases, the need to prepare a surface from a limited point of access will mean that the radial elements of the average disc-style wheel will be difficult to work with. A wheel that has its elements positioned such that they protrude nearly in line with the axis of rotation can be much more appropriate.

Getting the Job Done Right With Help from the Most Appropriate Tools

Being able to choose the most suitable tool for a particular job inevitably makes auto body repair work easier. Suppliers who offer a wide selection of options like these and others are always worth seeking out.

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